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Lalit Kala Akademi
New Delhi

Programmes for HQ & Regional Centres of the Akademi for the year 2015 – 2016

Sr no.




H.Q. Programmes



1. National Exhibition of Art

New Delhi


3. Exhibition of M. V. Devan

1. Kochi (Kerala)
2. Chandigarh (U.T)


4. Shankho Chaudhary ‘Centenary Exhibition’

New Delhi


5. Tantrik Art Exhibition



6. Exhibition/event on Swachha Bharat (2 Events)

New Delhi


7. Regular Lecture/Seminar/Filmshow

New Delhi


8. Interpretation Centre for Ram Kumar & Talent Search



1. Outgoing Exhibition Poland



2. Bangladesh Exhibition

New Delhi & Dhaka


3. Exhibition/Artists Residency Programme Nepal

New Delhi


4. Triennale India

New Delhi


5. SAARC- Afghanistan Artist Residency Prog.

Bamiyan (Afghanistan)


North East Programmes by Akademi HQs. including OCTAVE Festival

North East Region States & Other parts of India


Tribal Programme  HQs. and Adivasi Academy and Bhasha Research and Publication Centre, Baroda

Tribal places including New Delhi


Regional Centre Bhubaneshwar


Programme (General)


1. Kaladhara Lecture Series (6 Lecture)

Bhubaneshwar (Odisha)


2. Kalavimarsha (4 Progs.)

Indore Bhubaneshwar, Patna


3. Exhibition on Navakalevera



4. Film Festival on Art & Artists



5. Lecture Programme of Shri Ashok BhowmiK

Ranchi (Jharkhand)


Tribal Programme
1. Regional Tribal Folk and Traditional Camp

Ranchi (Jharkhand)


North East Painting Workshop

Guwahati (Assam)


Regional Centre Lucknow


1. Lecture/Filmshow



2. Regional Printmaking Camp & Artists in Residency 

Ahmedabad in collaboration with Kanodia Group


3. Regional Stone Carving Camp

Jaicelmere , ZCC


4. Workshop on Plate Lithography



5. Scholar Exhibition



North East Programme


1. Painting Camp – Guwahati

Guwahati, Srimanta Sankaradeva Kalakshetra


2. Artists in Residency (Papermaking)



3. Woodcarving Camp – Agartala

Tripura (Interior Place)


4. Artists in Residency



5. Seminar on North East



6. North East Sculpture Camp – Stone Carving



Tribal Programmes


1. Interactive Camp at Lucknow



Kolkata Regional Centre




1. Film Shows/ Slide Shows

Godhuli (4) at RC Kolkata


2. Special Programmes

Making of a documentary film on Paritosh Sen (Will be operated by H/Qrs.)


3. Exhibition

Regional Centre’s Annual Art Exhibition and Fair: The exhibition and fair will be arranged by the creations of the studio artists and scholars


Tribal Programme

1. Exhibitions:
Exhibition-cum-Fair on Folk & Tribal Art of Bengal in collaboration with EZCC, Kolkata (Shabar Craft, Santhal Pata, Tribal dolls and toys).

in collaboration with EZCC, Kolkata


North East Programme
1. Seminars: Seminar and Workshop on Preservation, Restoration and Archiving of Traditional Art-works in collaboration with State Museum, Ujjayanta Palacea, Tripura. (The experts will be provided through H/Qrs. New Delhi from NRLC.

3 days


2. Workshop: Workshop on Traditional terracotta making of eastern and north eastern India, in collaboration with College of art & Design, Burdwan University, West Bengal

Burdwan (W.B)
7 days


Regional Centre Chennai




1. Artists in Residency (Print-Making)

Kalakshetra Foundation, Chennai


2. Artists in Residency: Painting

Govt. College of Fine Arts, Kumbakonam


3. Artists in Residency: Painting & Sculpture

Bharathiar Palkalai Koodam, Pondicherry/Bangalore University


4. Slide Presentation

LKA RC Centre, Chennai


5. Slide Presentation 

Govt. College of Fine Arts, Kumbakonam


6. Slide Presentation

Bharathiar PalkalaiKoodam, Pondicherry/Bangalore University


7.Visual Art Film Festival: Screening of Films on Visual Art

Venue: LKA, RC Chennai/Tagore Film Auditorium in collaboration with Tamilnadu State Fine Arts University, Chennai/ Govt. College of Arts, Chennai


8. Visual Art Film Festival: Screening of Films on Visual Art

Bangalore University, Bangalore


9. Visual Art Film Festival: Screening of Films on Visual Art

Govt. College of Fine Arts, Kumbakonam / L. V. Prasad Eye Institute


10. Visual Art Film Festival: Screening of Films on Visual Art

Directorate of Art and Culture, Govt. of Goa


11. Visual Art Film Festival: Screening of Films on Visual Art

Bharathiar Palkalai Koodam, Pondicherry/Alliance Francasie


12. ETP Project of Photography Exhibition on Changing Culture of Ancient City by senior artists/eminent photo

Dakshina Chitra, Chennai


13. Chennai Chamber Biennale-Chapter II: a major contemporary Korean art

Regional Centre, Chennai


14. Emerging Canvas II, an exhibition of Indo Korean Young artists chapter II



15. Exhibition from the last three years collection



16. Contemporary wall mural by using Public space



Traditional Programmes


1. Workshop on Kalamkari Traditional

Kalakshetra Foundation,


2. Tribal/Traditional Mural Camp

Chennai (Tamilnadu)


North East Programme
1. Ethnic Mindscape II: An Interactive Workshop with North East (Programme with North East, Folk and Tribal)