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  1. To encourage and promote study and research in the fields of creative arts such as painting, sculpture and graphics etc.;
  2. To encourage and coordinate the activities of the regional art organizations and State Lalit Kala Akademies;
  3. To promote cooperation among artists and art associations and development of such associations;
  4. To encourage, where necessary, the establishment of Regional Art Centers;
  5. To encourage the exchange of ideas between various schools of art by organizing conferences, seminars, exhibitions etc. on all India basis involving scholars and educationists and State Academies, Zonal cultural Centers and Art Organizations like faculties of art in universities, art colleges and schools, art museums, art galleries and art associations;
  6. To publish and to promote publication of literature on art including monographs, journals etc;
  7. To establish and maintain a Library, catering to the needs of various organizations and covering world art;
    *Incorporating amendments approved by Government of India Ministry of Human Resource Development, Department of Culture in their notification No.3-34/97 Desk (PA) dated 8th January 1999 and Ministry of Tourism and culture’s notification No. 3-20/2000 US (Akademies) dated 13.5.2002.
  8. To give recognition to art associations and other art organizations for assisting artists through them, in consultation with State Akademis and Government in order to promote the proper growth and functioning of art Associations and Organization;
  9. To foster cultural contacts within the country and also with other countries, through art exhibition, exchange of personal and art objects, etc.
  10. To award scholarships and prizes to deserving artists;
  11. To accord recognition to artists for outstanding achievements;
  12. To promote study, research and survey of folk, tribal and traditional arts and crafts techniques, preserve and project their art forms and to organize regional surveys of and to encourage surviving indigenous craftsmen, painters and sculptors;
  13. In furtherance of its objects and works, to purchase land, own property of all kinds and to maintain, sell mortgage or otherwise dispose of and deal with the same;
  14. To create a Reserve Fund, Sinking Fund, or any other special fund, whether for depreciation or for repairs, improving , extending or maintaining any of the properties or rights of the Akademi and or recoupment of wasting assets and for any other purposes for which the Akademi deems it expedient or proper to create or maintain any such fund or funds, provided that no part of grants received from the Government of India or any part of income derived out of expenditure met from the Government of India grants shall be transferred to any such funds without the prior approval of the Government of India.
  15. To create and establish the Lalit Kala Artists’ Welfare Trust with the money available in Artists Aid Fund and social security and to credit all future funds under these heads to the Trust; and
  16. To do all such other acts either on its own or in conjunction with other organisations of persons as the Akademi may consider necessary, incidental or conducive to the fulfilment of above said objectives.