Fresco Collections

Akademi also has an important collection of Fresco facsimile copies in scale to scale formats. The frescos have been copied from different places like Bagh, Bundi, Sittanavasal, Lepakshi, Amber, Datia, Orcha, Badami, Rupi Kullu, Tira Sujanpur , Nurpur, Beirat, Nagaur, Deogarh, Udaipur, Bhaopura, Kota, Arab Boats (Fresco copies from Goa), etc.

Traditional, Tribal and Folk Art:-

To recognise the gravity of traditional, tribal and folk art of India, Akademi has also been emphasizing the creative ventures of India’s tribal and folk artists. To create a National Heritage of Indian Tribal and Folk art, Akademi has collected a rich collection of Gond, Bhil, Madhubani, Warli, Saura, Pithora, Patachaitra, Gohri, Sohrai, Khovar, Manjusha, Dhokra arts and Cherial, Palmleaf etc. along with Miniature paintings from different regions of India. Which is simply the educational richness of the Akademi’s collection for researchers, art lovers, art critics, artists of India and aboard.

Conservation Laboratory:-

The Akademi has started its conservation wing in 2004 for the preservation and restoration of its collection artworks as per International standards and having facilities of equipments and tools for conservation treatment of artworks. The Akademi’s conservation Laboratory specializes in the area of preventive and curative conservation of artworks.